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June 10 is International Heraldry Day!

IHD 2015

Wednesday 10 June is International Heraldry Day.  It is said that on that day, in the year 1128, Geoffrey of Anjou was knighted by his father-in-law, King Henry I, and was given a blue shield decorated with gold lions.  The enamel portrait on Geoffrey’s tomb includes the oldest pictorial record we have of a heraldic representation.


So, what can we do to celebrate this day?  If you have arms, then make an effort to display them on the day.  Spread the word that heraldry is exciting and fun.  Start work on an article (or finish one in progress) on a heraldic topic.Don’t treat heraldry as a private vice – share it with the world as a subject worthy of exposure and study.  Write a post on your Facebook page (if you have one) of what heraldry means to you.  The possibilities are many!

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